Icecream PDF Editor Pro 2.50 Crack 2021

Icecream PDF Editor Pro 2.50 Crack 2021

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Icecream PDF Editor Pro 2.50 Crack is Here [2021]

Icecream PDF Editor Pro 2.50 Crack 2021

Icecream PDF editor 2.50 Crack: At some point, we all need to edit and read PDFs. However, the software available for this type of work can be expensive. If they offer any free services, it’s usually for 30 days. The main problem with PDF editors and creators is usually their price. Icecream PDF Editor is a free solution that offers all the basic services. However, you can purchase it to remove any watermarks. Icecream PDF editor offers professional results at a much lower cost.

Icecream PDF Editor Pro is a windows-based, intuitive PDfs assisting tool that allows you to read, split, merge, insert pictures, and do everything you can with a PDF file. Today, we will discuss Icecream PDF Editor Pro (2.50).

Icecream PDF Editor Pro 2.50 Crack 2021

 Key Features:

Let’s look at IcecreamPDF Editor Pro version 2.50.

1: Create and Edit PDFs

Icecream PDF editor 2.50 makes it easy to create PDFs and impress clients. You can also use its multiple tools to edit PDFs and move your document in any direction that you desire using your document editing tools.

2: Objects

You can edit your documents and add pictures or objects to give them a beautiful look. Drawing multiple shapes is possible, such as rectangles, circles and arrows. Later, you will be able to change the stroke size and opacity of your objects. To edit an item you will need to first select it, then go to its properties. There are many editing tools available.

3: Protect PDFs

Icecream PDF Editor Pro allows you to password protect PDFs. This will make it compatible with any popular PDF editor. Only the person who has the password can open password-protected PDFs. You can also control the permissions of PDFs during printing and annotating as well as editing and copying.

4: Fill out forms

Icecream PDF Editor Pro has built-in forms that allow you to create fillable form using templates and other editing features.

5: Annotate PDFs

Icecream PDF Editor Pro (2.50) allows you to annotate pdfs with notes, striking through, bolding text, italicizing text and italicizing text. Comments can also be added to PDFs.

6: Search PDFs

The search feature can be used to find the word you need in the document before it is published.

7: Add Stamps

You can watermark documents to make them yours.

8: Manage Pages

Icecream PDF Editor Pro (2.50), allows you to merge or split PDFs. Free version does not support merging.

What’s new in 

Icecream PDF Editor Pro, version 2.50, was released on January 26, 2021. There were some minor fixes.

  • Icecream PDF Editor has fixed the scroll bar issue
  • Icecream PDF editor fixed the problem of software crashing, as reported to us by our users.

System Requirements

  • Icecream PDF editor requires a system with a processor speed of 33 GHz. This can be either an AMD-based system or an Intel-based one.
  • Icecream PDF editor requires RAM of at least 2GB. However, 4GB RAM is recommended for optimal performance.
  • Icecream PDF Editor Pro (2.50), needs 2GB of space on your hard disk in order to fully utilize its features. SSD is recommended over HDD to ensure Icecream PDF Editor Pro runs at its best.
  • Icecream PDF Editor requires Windows-7 or Windows-10.

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